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[OOC] Notes on this journal and the following story

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Entries which correspond to Quin's journal entries will have a [DIARY] tag and an in-game date in the title. Entires which are written in prose format will have a [PROSE] tag and some description or title as the subject. Notes and other non story entries will have the [OOC] tag followed by a description. Prose entries could also be formatted in html, especially WIPs so you can see all my comments and margin notes.
This story takes place aproximately 15 Caldún years after their escape. Ari is is about to turn 10 and is sick. While they don't know it yet, the cause of her condition is the modified genes she inherited from her mother. The accelerated growth of the Zarathii is due to both genetic manipulation, and heavy drug and hormone therapy in order to make everything grow at the propper rate. Zarathii mature faster mentally in areas such as spacial relations and mathematics although their motor skills develope more slowly. Thus, complicated tasks involving higher thinking can be imprinted as second nature, like walking is to us.
Ari has not been recieving any drugs or hormones while she still has the genetic accelerated growth. Several things. Her heart and lungs are too small for her to engage in too mush activity. Her bones are also not strong enough to withstand the stresses of activities such as running or jumping. Quinas, Kēluma, and Aborə are all physically equivalent to young adults (20s) while Akilah is in her "early teens," (~13), Sherden is over 1000 (old guy).
The workers have a very heavy accent and slang filled dialect,  Right not I just have them use alot of propper conjunctions in ther speach to represent this. I'm thinking of adding more slang and impropper conjunctions (i.e gonna, t', lookin', etc.) Akilah, however, does not have the same accent as the rest. I'm representing this by having her speak only in "King's English." Note they all speak in Kings English when addressing an audiance, although tehy would still have a heavy accent.
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