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Suisetsu · Σ

[OOC] Descriptions of Quin's daughters

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       Quinas looks like a cross between a Spanish woman and a Gypsy. With slitght hints of Moorish in the face. Although it is hard to tell because of the tattoos, she is becoming quite tanned from all the recent sun (Think Esmerelda from Hunchback). Her hair is a darkish red with a metallic luster. Her eyes change color depending on what angle you look at them (maroon to purple to navy).

Ari (eldest daughter)

Age: ~1150
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Naturally Red (like mom). She can vary her hair length and color at will. She usually wears it long (bellow butt) and loose with elflocks; or short, above shoulder, tapering to longer cut in the front (like Miyang or Motoko)
Eyes: Green
Build: Significantly more muscular than Quin. (Think Bass Female Taiko Drummer) Smaller bust than Quin (B)
Face: Slightly rounder than Quin…but still longer than cendalire usually draws. (sorry ^_^)
Complexion: Olive-Gold (Can vary her tan at will, like her hair)
Tattoos: Mark of the Firebird (bottom of back just above asscrack), Lightning bolts down her thighs, Ivy vines along her shoulders and the top of her back weaving down along her spine to become the backdrop of the Mark then mixing with the lightning on her hips and ass.
Skills: Singing, dancing, swordplay, choreography, comedy, psychology

Wiki bio:
       Grew up on The Ship (TBN) in the gypsy troupe. For many years was the cute widdle girl that sold flowers and trinkets. She started performing with her mother at an early age (<50), after only a few centuries exceeded her mother in all aspects of performance: dancing, stage presence, singing, comedy, and popularity). In fact, Ari has gained a "small" following of ~1 mil fans and arts connoisseurs throughout the sector. She has never accepted an interview invitation because that could compromise her friends' and family's safety. She is now the lead performer in the troupe and also performs with other groups about once a season. About 200 yeas ago, she left on a 50-year trip to travel the galaxy, witness new arts and techniques, and train and hone her skills. Parts of the trip she spent with her mother, father, and/or grandmother (off and on through 50 years). When she returned, her combat ability had increased several fold, as witnessed in the chapter in Quin's Story.
       Most of Ari's psionic powers are passive. Such as her super-strength, speed, and regeneration. The only active power she has (I think) is her inherited telepathy (rank 2). She is very much a momma's girl. After all, she didn't meet her father until she was over 400. She is usually cheerful, although has bouts of anger, depression, angst, etc. like everyone else but she never lets her mood ruin a performance. Quinas knows Ari is hiding things from her, but respects her daughter's privacy. Ari had promised she would never hurt her mother like her brother did. Since Ari is nearly as old as Quinas, she has been more like a sister than a daughter since Bren was born, having helped raise both her siblings. Also her appearance is very close to Quin's. If it wasn't for the tattoos and brands, they could almost pass for each other. Her element is fire, but she also has strong affinity to air, specifically lighting. Thus, her Mark of the Firebird tattoo is clutching lighting bolts in its talons. All her tattoos (except the Mark of the Firebird, she can change or remove at will. Note: Still requires a Craft (body art) check to make it look good. The ones listed above are just her usual favorites.

Jean (Note I have done less work on her, partly because she is still
        just a kid and thus not as important than her siblings…or IS she?)

Age: ~150
Height: 5'6" (not fully grown)
Hair: 3" Mohawk with green and blond radiating stripes (Naturally
Burnett) Green Eyebrows (sometimes one is blond)
Eyes: Left eye = Blue, right = Red
Build: Skinny, lanky. Bust about the same as Quin (C)
Face: Chiseled, almost malnourished looking
Complexion: Lightly tanned (like a white girl living in California)
Tattoos: Mark of the Firebird on the cheek, I think. Some Celtic knotwork around her arms, covers her left shoulder down to the elbow plus around the wrist. Right side is similar, but only around the forearm and wrist. Celtic knotwork around her left eye connecting to her ear and down the neck to her shoulder. She has more, but most are hidden under clothing and/or not important.

Wiki Bio:
       Jean was born after Bren left and Ari returned from her trip. She was still an infant or toddler when Bren's tattoo burned off. (Need to double check those dates again just to be sure) It was probably a pretty traumatic experience for a child to have one's mother suddenly burst into flames. She has a pretty normal relationship with her parents, she is in that kind of "rebellious teen" phase and gets annoyed easily. Takes after her father in looks and abilities more than her mother. She is emotionally closer to her elder sister than anyone else right now and has received a lot of instruction from her. Somehow, thinks earth is boring (must not be hanging around with the right crowd). No real ambitions or goals. What can I say, imagine your standard rebellious punk teenager…with a mind blade…and telepathy.

Gus and Bren to be added later. Have to go to choir first.
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