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[OOC]Caldun Stats

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All information in this document is taken from the 816th galactic census taken in the 96th century of the reign of Empress Jezrâil (Tiana’shal)
Name: Caldûn (4th planet of 7)
Location: Calimsha system, sector 3-4-6, anti-Spinward Quadrant, 50 parsecs from the Imperial Border
Mass: 1.08
Orbital Radius: 0.95 AU
Sidereal Year: 216 days (local), 0.966
Composition: Silicon-Oxygen-Hydrogen Crust and Mantel/ Nickel-Iron Core, Large deposits of: Uranium, Tungsten, Platinum, and Unubtainium?
Radius: 6394.2 km
Axial Tilt: 0.5445 radians
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.012
Surface Composition: 81% oceans/lakes, 11% farmland, 6% wild/preserve, 2% urban
Capital: Serifosa
Other Major Cities: Able, Asgro, Gilgam, Grolsna, Omblan, Realto, Terrifon
Major Exports: Force Screens, Fruit, Heavy Metals, Laser Weapons, Masonry, NPTD Drives, Warp and Sub-Light Drives, Warships
Government: Communist caste based society ruled by a hereditary dictatorship.
Population: approximately 10 000 000 000 (98% Claimshite(native), 1% High Imperial, 1% Other)
Military: Standing Navy, 36 warships (2 carrier groups each with 1 carrier capable of holding a wing of aerospace fighters and a division of marines, 2 long range dreadnoughts, 2 strike cruisers, 3 torpedo ships, 5 point defense/shield ships, 5 laser destroyers) Reserve Navy (unknown), Standing Army ~1,000,000 marine officers fully equipped
Politics: Caldûn is currently part of the war party and its representative is chair of the senate arms appropriation committee and one member of the Imperial cabinet is from Caldûn’s royal family.
Famous Sights: West Continent: Glass Bottomed Lake, Red Forest, Volcanic Gardens; East Continent: Cloud-top Shopping District , Crystal City, Hanging Forest, PsiCal Academy, Razhan’s Tower; Serifosa: Akiran Disaster Memorial, Needle of Heaven, Royal Villa, University of Caldûn; Other: Orbital Yards, Blue City, Floating Gardens.
Architecture: Multi story clustered buildings using large amounts of metals and plastic. Masonry and duracrete popular materials for smaller buildings. Caldûn Marble, Gneiss, and Jade are famous throughout the empire. Most lower caste spaces are spartan and functional while the upper classes enjoy wide varieties of ornamentation.
Native Population: Most Calimshites are tall, even by Imperial standards, they also tend to have a stronger build than most other populations. Psychic Opperancy is low among the upper castes, unknown among the lower castes. Calimshites naturally mature faster than most Imperials, reaching puberty by the age of 50 and full adulthood by age 150. The worker caste’s growth is artificially accelerated forcing them to full adulthood in only 50 years. Mean Height: 2.04m (M) 1.98m (F); weight: 92kg (M) 82 kg (F); Skin tones: light to dark olive; The large percentage of workers on Caldûn skews this statistic upward, workers tending to be taller and heavier than all other castes.
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